EVE Online Gets Twitch Streaming via Latest Update

Functionality of Twitch streaming is now being added to the massively multiplayer online game EVE Online and will be available following an update that goes live later today.

Developer CCP Games earlier said in a blog post that players can expect to see the “Twitch Streaming” option under the game menu’s “Social” tab after the latest update. Players must first though have a Twitch account, and upon entering the credentials in-game will show you the necessary options for a broadcast, like resolution and framerate.

“You might wonder if streaming EVE is actually a terrible idea that could only lead to your own suffering, and at first I wondered about this as well,” reads the announcement post from designer CCP Rise.

“Not only did I discover that streaming even the most dangerous and intel-sensitive combat I could find was actually incredibly fun, but the more EVE streams I watch the more I value I think this feature has.

“Teaching corpmates to d-scan, giving an EVE-UNI lecture, streaming the eyes of your scout for your gang, following around huge fleets in a cloaky Tengu and playing questionable techno or even streaming market trading (which I spent an hour watching the other night and had a really good time) are just a few of the potential reasons to stream.”

There will also be an option to set your streams to private if you want. Everything will be available via in-game and you won’t be in need of any third-party software to handle your stream.