Deathfire Goes for Direct Funding Following Failed Kickstarter

Following a failed Kickstarter campaign, classic-style RPG Deathfire is now hoping to get the support of the community through direct funding.

The game previously made a pledge of $390,000 which in itself is an enormous figure and for a genre that is well past its time. Still the campaign managed to amass $200,000 in pledges. However, because the Kickstarter campaign failed in reaching the originally stated goal, all pledges were made void.

The developer though is not giving up and has now moved on to a direct pledging model. They have also decided on releasing the game in episodes, rather than a complete title.

With the new approach, Deathfire has picked up just over $43,000 from under a 1,000 people. That’s quick to say the least but the game still requires a lot more than that.

Similar to their Kickstarter model, they are offering rewards based on the amount you donate. A copy of chapters 1-3 is $15, while 1-6 is $20. (A cloth map comes in at $55.)

There are also various other digital and physical tiers. You can find more information on that by head for their official website.

Note though, unlike Kickstarter if you pledge your money, it’s gone and they receive it instantly. The developer has already stated that they need $400,000 in order to make the full game and in case they are unable to do so, I doubt there will be any refunds.

Source: Rocket Paper Shotgun