Care to Purchase This Gold-Plated Xbox One for Christmas?

Do you have what it takes to purchase this gold-plated Xbox One for Christmas?

The 24-karat console was discovered by Reddit user SirSyhn over the weekend, where he came across it shining in all of its glory inside a case featured in one of the shelves of Harrods, one of the UK capital’s high-end department stores.

We’re not aware of any other Xbox peripheral that has been encased in gold and if you’re even thinking of trying your luck with the price, know that it will set you back £6,000 or $9,780.

Currently only one piece has been made but it wouldn’t be surprising if more came out later. Now though, the only Xbox One plated in gold is residing in UK and whoever purchases it, pays for the exclusivity as well.

Last week Microsoft announced that they had sold more than 2 million Xbox One consoles, following its release on November 22, 2013 in 13 territories worldwide.

Furthermore Microsoft’s next-gen console was also revealed by NPD as the fastest-selling console in the US during the month of October. That’s terrific news for the company since its competitor Sony released its console a week earlier.