With 15 More Regions, PlayStation 4 Now Available in 48 Countries Worldwide

Previously the PlayStation 4 was available in 33 different territories all around the globe which in itself is a feast; but a bigger reason for celebration is that Sony has launched their next generation console in 15 more territories.

So this means that PlayStation 4 is now available in 48 countries worldwide!

A post on the European PlayStation Blog confirmed the news today stating how the console has now been shared to hands other than American, Australasian and European hands.

Six of the 15 newly added countries are from the Middle East namely United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. While the other countries include South Africa, Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, Paraguay, Uruguay, Slovakia, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

The post also takes note of the fact that more countries are to be added to this list in early 2014.

We reported recently that PlayStation 4 has managed to sell more than 2.1 million units which made it the best selling console based on the performance of the first month of release.

Sony boasts of over 20 game titles to choose from in the post that announced the new countries, but I personally want to see what they would be doing with their games now that they have such a huge market to cover.

Are you picking up a PlayStation 4 today?