NBA 2K14 is the Best Selling Sports Game on PS4 and Xbox One in the First Month

When the November 2013 NPD report was released it showed NBA 2K14 on number 6 among the top selling games of the month.

This has changed now; NPD and 2K Games have issued some additional information regarding the basketball game. According to the new details, NBA 2K14 was the best selling sports game on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

NPD has issued details that state that NBA 2K14 outperformed Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14 both to get to the top spot among sports games. The game was previously at number 2 among sports games, lagging behind Madden NFL 25.

This comes in addition to the fact that the number 6 position of the game in overall ranking has obviously changed. It now ranks at number 4 among the best games for both the consoles as far as their first month is concerned.

Jason Argent, senior vice president of basketball operations for 2K boasted about the performance of the game saying:

“Earlier this year we promised that NBA 2K14 would be our biggest and best NBA 2K experience yet, and today we’re thrilled to see fans agree, as NBA 2K14 is now the #1 selling sports game on next-gen consoles.”

Do you think NBA 2K14 was able to become the best selling sports game of November because the developers took a different route? Like recapturing player faces, adding audio for on court interviews and so on?