Until Dawn is Not Cancelled, Supermassive is Still Developing it

Now that is a sigh of relief. The game really looked pretty nice and it would have been a downer if it really had been cancelled. Luckily, that is not the case.

Unlike recently reported, Supermassive Games has confirmed that they are still developing the Until Dawn the horror adventure video game.

Until Dawn, the teen horror was announced back in January 2013, everything was smooth from there on until earlier today when reports came out purporting the cancellation of the game’s development.

Apparently, a customer service email sent to someone by Amazon stated that the game was cancelled (see iamge at the end of the story). The email said that the game manufacturer (Supermassive) had told Amazon that they game was not in development anymore and so the purchase could not be made.

Amazon therefore, cancelled the preorder that the customer had placed for Until Dawn.

Luckily, folks at VG247 contacted the developer themselves and Supermassive Games’ managing director Pete Samuels clarified on the company’s behalf.

He stated that the game was not cancelled and even went on to say that they were excited about the work they had done on it.

“Until Dawn is most definitely not cancelled and we are still developing it. Not only that, but we’re really excited about what we’re creating and can’t wait to tell more and show more sometime soon. I understand that the silence has been frustrating for those people who have been looking out for more details.”

Additionally they said that the game was not planned for a 2013 release any more and that they will return with more new on the game next year.

Do you think the game could have been shifted to PlayStation 4? Or maybe they just added PlayStation 4 to the platforms because it would be really nice to see such an interesting title on the next generation.

What’s your take on this?

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