Proteus 1.2 Patch Fixes Mac Crashes, Adds Wild Islands to PC

A patch is out for Proteus, which fixes some of the performance issues of its PC release. Additionally, it should yield PC owners content that was previously available on Playstation 3 and PS Vita.

Most importantly, the update will be favorable to Mac builds, stopping frequent crashes on those running OSX Mavericks.

Issues were due to some negligence in cleaning up code, leaving in a debug version for several months. Developer Ed Key stated that they’ll be stricter when it comes to approving coding from now on.

Furthermore, the “wilder islands” features from Playstation builds should now appear on PC. This will, however, only be unlocked after playing the game once. You should notice some implementations more prominently than others. Those who don’t like change can turn off the added content in their settings.

The Playstation build from Proteus is available for cross-buy, thanks to Curve Studios. This is the same company who is also in charge of the recent release for Velocity Ultra on PC.

In Proteus, players simply participate in the world, as it exists around them. Exploration is its first and foremost feature, with aesthetically designed environments adding simple touches of life in their pixelated visuals.

Upon its release, the small indie game wasn’t universally accepted. While some enjoyed just roaming around, criticism arose about how empty the experience could be.

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