Pokemon X and Y Patch 1.2 is out, Fixes Wi-Fi Issues

A second patch for the latest Pokemon games i.e. Pokemon X and Y Patch 1.2 is out now and apparently it will be making your gaming life easier pretty quick. If you have been playing the games you might want to upgrade it to the version 1.2 by visiting the Nintendo eShop now.

Majorly it focuses on the Wi-Fi connectivity exploits that quite a few of you were facing with both the games in the recent days. Recently, it was reported that an exploit allowed players to see Pokemon data while being transmitted whether in a battle or a trade.

Additionally, we might see the return of Rated Battles along with the end of maintenance by Pokemon Global Link.

Here’s a rundown of what it has targeted:

  • Fixes an occasional bug causing Pokémon not to learn new moves after evolving through Wonder Trade.
  • Fixes an occasional bug where certain captions for Trainer PR Videos were not unlocked in Lumiose City.
  • Updates an Internet communication issue.

In order for you to update your games to Pokemon X and Y version 1.2 you will need to have the game card inside the 3DS if you have a physical copy of the game. Then go to the home screen and select eShop i.e. the shopping bag and then search for Pokemon.

The results will give you the patch for both Pokemon X and Y and you will be able to download them from there.

Download it and do tell us what difference did the Pokemon X and Y version 1.2 actually make to your game.