New Mega Man Board Game is on Fire on Kickstarter

Mega Mega Man has been rocking the gamers since even before I was born! The first game in the series came out in 1987 and did you know that the series has actually got over a hundred games to its credit?

Well, the series is being given a tribute by Jasco Games in the form of the Mega Man board game.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched yesterday with a target of $70,000. Guess what, it has made $160,046 at the time of writing – and we still have 37 more days to go!

Jasco Games has boasted to make a game that will be worthy of any Mega Man enthusiast’s collection. From the looks of it, I think the backers already believe it to be that.

“Kickstarter funding will allow us to use better materials, offer more extras like miniatures, cards, extra boards, and polish the finalized product, giving fans an even better experience and something that will be worthy of any Mega Man enthusiast’s collection,” said Jasco games.

When completed, the game will allow 2 to 8 players on a central board. There will be stages where the series’ robot master boards will slot in and players will take sides between the blue bomber and Dr. Wily’s baddies.

For donators who pinch in $60 or higher, the game will come with 4 robot master boards and central Dr. Wily’s board, 4 player decks of 40 cards, 4 characters, 32 tokens, 9 game pieces and 12 robot master cards.

Do you feel like letting go off the controller for the Mega Man board game? just for a while?