Jade Dynasty: Regenesis MMO Update Shows Impressive Cinematic Trailer

A trailer has appeared for Jade Dynasty: Regenesis, which shows us some quite impressive computer generated imagery (CGI). It will usher in some of the massive multiplayer online (MMO) game’s factions.

This shiny spectacle takes place between a highly detailed centaur beast thing and a cute, small girl.  One picks up a sword with more frills than a Victorian skirt. Already, this game looks Asian as the name would suggest.

Then, a vortex opens up the landscape and sucks in the two. Demons appear rushing through the sky, which are easily dispatched by the centaur.

Things get even weirder when a living tower gets summoned and crashes upon the earth. There, it unleashes a wall of rockets.

Our grand finale takes us to a boss battle, with a demon fused to another demon. Maybe they’re the same creature, but it’s a scary thing regardless.

Characters in the trailer represent the new factions that will be available in Regenesis. The big centaur thing is part of the Kytos and specializes in defensive abilities, which includes reflecting damage. Their traits, however, require them to use health to perform.

Summoning is done by the girl, which is part of the Psychea faction. They have the ability to cast spells, lay down traps and bring forth mechanical beasts. Moreover, these giants can be tamed as a ride and given their own skill trees.

More features in Regenesis will allow players to build bases together, out of a choice of 11 buildings. Starting zones have also been adjusted for all three races, along with a revamped story progression.

Any MMO worth their salt does a big overhaul from time. It works for World of Warcraft. Hopefully this update works for Jade Dynasty: Regenesis too.