Forza 5’s Next Patch to Address Economy Issues

Forza Motorsport 5 is going to soon get a new patch that will feature changes to the game’s in-game economy, as well the addition of two new modes.

The inclusion of micro-transactions to any game has always induced fear of the game’s progression design pushing players to spend their money. The same was the case with Forza 5 when Turn 10 Studios originally announced their pricing scheme for individual cars, some costing as high as $100. However, the studio as well as Microsoft assured everyone that the design has been well made to keep that fear in check.

Shortly after the game’s release though, many players complained that they were in fact receiving too few of the rewards and that the game is practically asking them to purchase the cars instead.

Turn 10 Studios announced today that it will be “dramatically increasing” the rate at which players earn in-game credits. Quoting an example, the studio said that the driver level payouts would be increased from 15,000 credits to 35,000 credits. Additionally those playing on average difficulty settings would be seeing their earning rates increase by 60 percent.

The next patch will also decrease the prices of some of the more popular cars in the game, with an overall reduction of 45 percent in the total price of cars in the game. Furthermore the patch will add two new game modes; drag racing and multiplayer tag.

Turn 10 Studios didn’t mention a tentative release date for the patch but said it would be released soon.

Source Xbox Wire