3DS Pokemon Sold 2.35 Million, Nintendo Handheld Up To 10 Million

There are new sales figures for Nintendo, which sound pretty favorable for the company and in particular for its handheld venture. Their numbers for November have pushed their hardware up by 100 percent.

Again, most of the glory is dedicated to the Nintendo 3DS that passed the counter almost 770,000 times in the past month. This officially breaches 10 million units sold in North America, since the portable’s release in February of 2011.

Some of this is thanks to a sales period, since Black Friday boosted figures considerably. For instance, the newly released and critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has sold 405,000 copies.

It did this partly due to a strong Metacritic score in the 90 percentile, which accounts for roughly 280,000 units, appended by the paired 3DS XL special Zelda edition released at the same time.

Naturally, Pokemon X and Y are still system sellers themselves. Both were sold more than 225,000 times, which breaches its lifetime copies to 2.35 million. Nintendo is confident that with the new 2DS bundle, the game has still room for growth as well.

Several older Nintendo games received “triple-digit” sales of their own, which increases their potency, when paired to October numbers. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario Kart 7 all have sold with an increase of over 100 percent, in comparison to the month before.

Titles like Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Super Mario 3D Land get a boost of over 200 percent.

Furthering the comparison, Nintendo states that Wii U sales are up with 340 percent, though this is due to poor performance the month before. Since the company isn’t keen with numbers on this one, the estimate is set around 220,000 for the console.

There is one title that Nintendo can still snag. Its recent release of Super Mario 3D World is currently the highest rated Metacritic game of the new generation, standing at 94. It sold more than 215,000 times, though that still puts it below the Top 10 of best sellers across all platforms.

It looks like the Nintendo 3DS is still its best bet. Selling Pokemon X and Y as separate releases probably helps.