Ys: Memories of Celceta Comes to Europe on PS Vita in February 2014

It sucks waiting for games that are available elsewhere, but Europeans have hope, as Ys: Memories of Celceta gets a release date for that region. You’ll need to wait until February 21, 2014 to get your mittens on the Playstation Vita release.

Additionally, the European Playstation Network will add this roleplaying game (RPG) to their roster when it updates on February 25, the following week. A price point hasn’t been set, but it should be an equivalent of the current American price of $39.99.

Memories of Celceta takes its story from characters seen in Ys IV. It notes itself as a re-envisioning of this fourth installment.

Combat takes after the lauded Ys Seven release on PSP, but with an adjusted party-based battle system. Action takes place in real time across the many locations the game holds and features a set of skills and the ability to switch characters on the fly.

For Memories of Celceta, the party intelligence will be updated and flash guard will be added to the options. Members will also have unique abilities.

Perhaps more importantly, the game promises a bigger overworld than ever before. This should have players stuck in content for some time to come. There should be plenty of waypoints to not make exploration an ordeal.

Finally, Memories of Celceta features a Boss Rush mode that adds a challenging game mode for those who’ve beaten the story and want some more.