Ubisoft Registers Battle of Heroes Domains – An RPG or a MOBA?

One teaser, another game’s announcement and now domain registrations for a new game; what day is it today, let’s-announce-a-game-Thursday? Well, whatever it is, this is the third news of the day regarding what could be a new game development project.

This time around, Ubisoft was caught hands in the jar of new domain registrations. The company registered two new domains that go by BattleofHeroesGame.com being for a game named Battle of Heroes and BattleofHeroesLandofImmortals.com, for Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals.

Both the domains were registered two days ago on December 10. Looking at the name my mind swings right onto a MOBA project or may be an RPG in the making, what do you think?

Though this is some indication towards a new game – an unannounced project – but I wouldn’t jump on my feet just at this. As of this moment, I don’t think Ubisoft is really into the project, it could be in the very initial stages right now.

This is so because for both the names, only the dotcom domains were registered which is not the presumed custom. Companies would usually register the same name on different domains just to claim their rights to the title. Furthermore, they didn’t even register LandofImmortals, not even on dotcom.

We shall fill you in when more information comes out.