Uber Entertainment Bringing Planetary Annihilation to Retail with Collaboration of Nordic Games

Publisher Nordic Games has struck an agreement with developer Uber Entertainment to help them with the release of Planetary Annihilation. You may remember that name from being one of the first major Kickstarter successes, netting in over $2 million, after an initial goal of $900,000.

Through Nordic Games, the PC strategy title will be able to hit retail upon release. Additionally, the publisher will help out with the online portion of distribution as well.

Planetary Annihilation is quite the ambitious project. It aims to bring back the hectic fun of Total Annihilation with the scope of Supreme Commander. Battles take place across several planets, in a slick yet simplified visual style of flattened models with shaded textures.

You may remember the previously aimed references from Gas Powered Games, which worked on these titles. This company hit tough times this year and was forced to either succeed in a risky Kickstarter event or shut down.

At the last second, Gas Powered Games was picked up by Wargaming, where they’re now working on an unannounced project.

Aside from a singleplayer mode, the multiplayer for Planetary Annihilation allows for up to 40 players to build entire worlds of armies. This makes for some truly colossal battles.  Planets are generated at random, leaving for a unique playthrough.

Planetary Annihilation was met with initial criticism earlier this year, when it launched its Early Access on Steam for an unforeseen price point. It cost $89.99 in its Alpha stage. Odder still, it actually dropped the price as it moved onto Beta.

You can now get into the early build of Planetary Annihilation for $59.99. If you are ready to purchase it, we recommend doing it through the Humble Store.