Tales of Zestiria Announced by Namco Bandai, Includes Dragons

Felicitations Tales games lovers! The 15th core Tales game has been announced by Namco Bandai, it’s called Tales of Zestiria. Namco Bandai Games took to NicoNico Live show for the announcement and the unveiling of the game’s name that they have been teasing for some time now.

Series producer Hideo Baba gave details about Tales of Zestiria at the announcement confirming that it will feature a new battle system that has been created based on fan feedback – expect more information on this later.

Dragons will be a key subject in the game; they are also there in the logo of the game. According to Baba, dragons are a symbol of fantasy, something they will be focusing on in the game. Also, the lands of Green Wood will be more open to exploration.

Back in November a teaser site had been opened up for the same game though it did not give away a name. The website was in Japanese so as expected only a Japanese version of the game has been announced so far.

Some of the recent Tales games have been released in the west after being released in Japan, so it would be okay to expect an announcement for a western release sometime later.

Tales of Xillia 2, the last game in the series was released back in November 2012 and is expected to be released in the west in 2014. This was the first game to be developed by Namco Bandai Games since the previous games in the series were being developed by Namco Tales Studio.

Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for PlayStation 3.