Forget About, Here is Some Real Fallout 4 Evidence

I am assuming you as most of the other Fallout fans are upset about the recently unraveled hoax regarding Fallout 4. I don’t blame you either, the website got many of us and then there’s the wishful thinking that we get some real Fallout 4 evidence.

Well, something did come up and guess what its indication abut Fallout 4 again. The new Fallout 4 evidence that I am talking about now has come from Kotaku and apparently they are pretty confident to the authenticity of this.

Folks at Kotaku received certain documents from a casting call for a project by Bethesda Game Studios – documents that they are referring to as leaked Fallout 4 documents.

Now the whole set of pages doesn’t mention the word Fallout, instead they are for a certain project codenamed Institute but multiple similarities tell us that it is indeed Fallout 4 that they are talking about.

At first, there is a casting director who has been working on other Bethesda games (Dishonored and Skyrim), secondly back in 2012 it was rumored that Bethesda was looking up the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Boston to use it as the location of the next Fallout game. Now this game is codenamed Institute and is based in Boston.

Fallout 1, 2, 3 have started with a similar introduction that goes “War. War never changes.” And guess what, our casting documents give away the same sentence in the beginning of the game’s introduction.

Other Fallout 4 evidences include references to locations present in the Fallout world like the Commonwealth, check out the image at the end of the post. Well, what can I say we are eager to know more!

None of this has been confirmed by any authority, and Bethesda has declined to comment on it – but hey, doesn’t it look legit to you?

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