New Blizzard Game in Development by Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead Developer

You might have heard of Mike Booth, the guy who has been the driving force behind Left 4 Dead and a developer of Counter Strike. Right now Booth is looking to hire two professionals to work with him for a new Blizzard game.

The founder of Turtle Rock Studios (Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Left 4 Dead) made a tweet on his Twitter profile stating that he was looking for a Lead Producer. This also signifies that Mike Booth himself is working on the new Blizzard game that he is talking about.

The link given in the tweet for the Lead Producer job listing tells us that Blizzard is looking for a Hearthstone-like small team where the Lead Producer would spearhead a “mighty band” of developers.

As if the company has learnt not to give away anything about the game, the job listing is clear of any and all hints at what the game is.

A second posting on Blizzard’s career page is looking for 3D Weapons Artist for the same Irvine, California office where the Lead Producer has to work. We can assume both the jobs are for the same game.

Here are a few phrases we were able to pick up from the 3D Weapons Artist job: swords, firearms, and other weapons of destruction; a stylized universe; a diverse range of equipment, vehicles, and mechanical characters.

So take a wild guess and tell us what you think this new Blizzard game is about?