Namco Bandai Launches New Teaser Site, and Gives Away Nothing

Just as Namco Bandai had washed off their hands with the announcement of Tales of Zestiria only just now, they decided to get busy teasing another title. Is it just me or does it really looks like they are in a hurry for revealing new projects?

Nevertheless, a new teaser website came up just now with a countdown timer on it. To be exact, the website must have gone up with a countdown timer of 7 days as it now reads 06 days 13 hours and 30 minutes.

Other than this, an abbreviation “CV” is seen in the website domain as well as the main image. any idea what that could be about? We are all ears!

There is one image in the background, something that a musician would use. It looks like an audio mixing console through the obscured image. The other image though is a voice recording mic as far as I can see it. So I guess we are looking at a voice actor and a mixing studio.

What exactly is Namco Bandai doing here?

We reloaded the page thrice and it plays a different male and female voice in the background. Whatever the male or female voice actors are saying, it is in Japanese and since I am no good at that language, we’ll need to suffice with this for now.

Namco Bandai will be announcing the game in six days.