GOG.com Starts Winter Sale 2013 With Free Fallout 1+2+Tactics

Alright, I know what the title says, but try to read this news before getting your free stuff. Yes, GOG.com is offering Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics for free to anyone willing to download it. That’s true.

You can snag yourself a copy for the following 48 hours, though you may need to keep trying for a bit, because this news has instantly killed the store’s servers. So, you have time to read this news after all.

This promotion is done in favor of GOG.com’s annual Winter Sale. Each year, this deal is ushered in with a free game. Previous freebies have included Duke Nukem 3D.

So, aside from that awesome giveaway, you’ll also have access to hundreds of titles at a discount of up to 50%. That’s just for starters.

Special daily deals will cut up to an 80% discount. These will be presented by some familiar Youtube faces. Internet personalities such as Yogscast and Jesse Cox will appear on the site to talk about the sale.

Furthermore, with Winter Sale 2013, you’ll have some say in what games go on offer as well. Community-voted daily deals will be present; much like Steam does with their sales.

Going above and beyond their competitors, GOG.com will try to keep customers coming back each day to check mystery boxes. These may contain goodies or even have a free game inside, so pay attention.

Free games are why you clicked to see this in the first place. Reading pays off.

Some of the first great deals to be offered include the scary game Outlast, a giant discount for Omerta: City of Gangsters and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Now, go check if the site is back up.