Dungeon of the Endless Available on Steam Early Access

Developer Amplitude Studios has launched an Early Access program for their new Dungeon of the Endless game on Steam. This PC game goes into Alpha, which gets complemented with a short gameplay trailer to show the action within.

Players will get to see the universe from a top-down perspective. It makes use of old pixelated vibes, but with modernly designed models and lighting effects.

Each room is surrounded by obscuring blackness. Within the walls of the playing field, multiple colored glows offset this dark and scary atmosphere.

You’ll definitely need to keep your head up though, as this game hurls monsters at players. In Dungeon of the Endless, you’re tasked with defending your ship in a tower defense genre of waves, but with the agency and design of a roguelike adventure.

Rooms are generated at random, leaving every playthrough to be unique. To survive, it’s needed to collect resources to power defenses and build new ones.

While this is just an Alpha stage, later additions will include team management, customization and a surface level. Many features will come through the developer’s Game2Gether community platform.

Buying Dungeon of the Endless comes in two forms, each at a temporary discount of 25%. With a Pixel Pack priced at $9.75, you’ll receive the game, as well as a community badge. Upon release, this purchase includes the official digital soundtrack.

For a Founder Pack, you’ll need to put down $14.99. This comes with the above items, as well as exclusive content. A new ship called The Library and a hero called Josh ‘Ntello join the lineup. You’ll additionally be granted an extra badge.

Furthermore, the Founder Pack includes crossover material for Amplitude’s other games in the Endless universe.

Aside from coupons for Endless Space and its Disharmony expansion, which recently added an Auriga update, a new Vaulters faction will unlock in the Endless Space 4X game.

Vaulters will make an appearance in the upcoming Endless Legend game as well. This pack grants skins for their units. Of course, this is only the case when it releases.