So Dota 2 Wraith Night is the Replacement of Frostivus, It’s Still Interesting

Skeleton King is starting to crumble; it is up to you to restore him to his full power and his throne.

The previous event of Dota 2, Frostivus, was recently taken down as the Skeleton King vanished. Now it has been replaced with Wraith Night where you are assigned to the task of killing beasts and surviving till dawn with an aim to reinstate the king.

A page for Dota 2 Wraith Night has announced in great detail the event that revolves around a team of five who will defend the Skeleton King through the longest night. You will be harvesting Wraith Essence with every kill you make – the Essence in turn will strengthen the king.

On the other side of the picture, the Skeleton King will be absent from the game of course, though he may return with bounty for those who fought valiantly for him.

You will also net Phantom Fragments; redeemable for “lockless reliquaries,” on the top tier you get the Wraith Night Tribute. Buying the Wraith King’s Favor will get you Shining Fragments that can be used to obtain Wraith Night Ossuary.

The Ossuary bears gems and socketed items, this treasure box can be cashed in turn for a Relic of the Wraith King.

That’s not all! Legion Commander Tresdin will also be released on December 12 in North America. Tresdin, the commander of the Bronze Legion comes with special abilities:

  • Overwhelming Odds – Deal damage and gain bonus movement speed for each enemy unit in a targeted area.
  • Press the Attack – Remove debuffs and disables from an ally, while granting bonus attack speed and regeneration.
  • Moment of Courage – When attacked, immediately counterattack with bonus lifesteal.
  • Duel – Legion Commander and an enemy hero become locked in a duel. The surviving hero gains a permanent damage increase.

A detailed account of all the activities and features that come to Dota 2 Wraith Night have been listed at the Wraith Night page, go ahead and check them out before you go charging into the game.