Cliff Bleszinski Wants to Make an Arena Based FPS, Wish Him Good Luck

Cliff Bleszinski, the legendary developer behind Gears of War and Unreal Tournament has expressed his wishes to develop an arena based first person shooter for the PC platform. He was talking to the Pointless Podcast when he expressed his desire.

From what he said in the podcast, we can be sure that he has everything mapped up in his mind from the concept to the pitch, all that matter now is the practicality and the timing as to when he would be able to put his ideas into shape. He said:

“I have a slide deck, I have a pitch, I have concept art, I know pretty much what I want to do. It will be a PC experience that will hearken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on.”

He was also asked as to what genre would he be developing the game in, and the answer was nearly as expected as it was classy.

He said it would be a first person shooter because it’s in his DNA. In fact he was a little blunt about his obsession with the genre, going on to say that he would never want to make a game with cutscenes or scripted sequences.

Let’s look at the practical side of his desire. He said he will require a studio much larger than No Man’s Sky for sure but made it clear that he would not be going back to Epic even though they have people that he likes.

So, what do you expect to come out of this one?