Sonic Lost World Free Update On Nintendo Wii U Makes It Easier

Sega announced a Sonic Lost World Free Update on the Nintendo Wii U today. This free patch is said to arrive shortly and will fix some gameplay issues. An emphasis is set on making the game a little easier, which would indicate people were having trouble with it.

For instance, the age-old mechanism of collecting 100 rings will yield players an extra life again, as it has always been.

Complementing this, reaching a Game Over screen will take double the amount of time, as a continued playthrough yields 10 lives, instead of the current 5 turns.

Mechanically, less focus is put on using the Wii U’s trademarked GamePad. Employing the Indigo Asteroid, Crimson Eagle, Orange Rocket, and Black Bomb Color Powers can now be done with traditional button and analog stick inputs.

Items will appear on the hub world for more clarity. Bugs are also taken care of with the removal of a graphical issue that would appear in the pinball stage of the Frozen Factory casino area.

Additionally, those who own and complete the Nightmare downloadable content (DLC) can access it again when they scored 100,000. Users will be notified of this to be sure.

Sonic Lost World released in October to lukewarm reception. Its scope takes place in bright, colorful stages that mix 3D environments with side-scrolling gameplay and vary from super-fast to slower progression.

Like many of the 3D Sonic adaptations, not everyone loves handling it, but it has a certain Super Mario Galaxy aspect to it.

This game was also released on Nintendo 3DS, to equally mediocre reviews. Preordering it would give gamers extra lives, which would show how much harder this title is.

Recently, Sega also released an endless runner themed after Sonic Lost World for Android and iOS. This mobile version is available for free and features transactions in-game.