Obsidian’s Project Eternity Gets Named “Pillars of Eternity”

Project Eternity is Obsidian’s Kickstarter funded project that received a hefty $4 million worth of pledges. With that much of crowdfunded money, the game will be well on its way to development. The first evidence of that: a proper name for the game. the developer has named it Pillars of Eternity.

That is not all for the game, now that it is fully backed by the donators, Obedian Entertainment has released the first gameplay trailer for the Pillars of Eternity – you can watch it above.

On the official website of Pillars of Eternity, a detailed announcement post was made detailing the new name, the teaser as well as a new logo (which of course was expected after the name coining).

Now, the website has listed the Backer Portal where you can manage your funding and finalize the orders. This also comes along with a proposition of a stretch goal on the funding:

“There are two things we know a lot of you have asked for: more wilderness areas and more companions. Both of these are very time-consuming, but we understand why so many people want them.” And the post goes on, “Because we’ve seen these requests more than a few times, we would like to ask the community if you would be interested in new stretch goals to fund additional development.”

You can voice your opinion on the matter by visiting the community forums.

So, are you excited about the fantasy role-playing video game that Pillars of Eternity is going to be?