Metacritic Agrees – Fighter Within is Just as Terrible as Fighters Uncaged

Publisher Ubisoft can’t catch a break with the release of its latest motion control game Fighter Within getting pummeled by critics. As of writing, so far 28 critics have come together to give this first-generation Xbox One game an average score of 25 out of a possible 100.

A staggering 27 of 28 parties involved opted for a rating lower than 50, with many going to 20 or lower on the 100-point scale. We’ll round up a few notable scores from the larger publications below:

  • Eurogamer – 1/10
  • Game Informer – 1/10
  • Polygon – 2/10
  • Edge – 2/10
  • Gamespot – 2/10
  • IGN – 2.7/10
  • Destructoid – 3/10
  • Gamesradar – 2/5

Criticisms mostly involve the non-responsive nature of having to brawl with the use of the Kinect motion controller. Further comments were spent at the expense of the game’s campaign, which is noted as having a terrible plot and useless characters. There is no love lost for most aspects of the new release.

So far, it looks like Fighter Within is going to take the crown from NBA Live 14 as the worst Xbox One game to be launched. The latter is currently dangling at an aggregate score of 40.

This is the second attempt from Ubisoft to create a motion-controlled fighting game that sees it getting spat out by critics. In late 2010, it attempted the exact same model for Xbox 360 with Fighters Uncaged and the first Kinect device. After unfavorable reviews, that game rested at a 32 Metacritic score. Maybe they should stop trying now and stick to Just Dance.