Investors Hire Law Firm to Investigate EA and Battlefield 4

Electronic Arts may have its hands full with their latest Battlefield 4 title which saw to a rushed release by the publisher and ended up with severe issues, making the game almost unplayable for some.

While EA might have released the game sooner to compete with its competitor Call of Duty: Ghosts and with the notion of fixing it up later, investors are not too pleased with the situation and have called in an investigation over whether they were misled by the publisher over the quality of the game.

Law firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel, LLC has been confirmed to be investigating the matter, focusing on statements made between July 24, 2013 and December 4, 2013 regarding Battlefield 4’s development and sales.

EA recently announced that they have halted all ongoing projects and have steered most of their developers on to fixing Battlefield 4. The investigation is also taking this into account and looking at how much of an impact it will have on EA’s future projects.

On the whole, the law firm has been tasked with finding out whether EA violated federal securities laws during this time by making false statements about the game’s status.

Furthermore the firm has advised those who purchased EA common stock between July 24 and December 4 or who suffered investment losses during this year to contact Holzer Holzer and Fistel attorney Marshall P. Dees regarding legal rights in this case.

Battlefield 4 was released at the start of last month and since then has gotten quite a few patches, the latest of which has seemingly fixed quite a few issues. However, there are still over a dozen problems highlighted by developer DICE, that they have on their list.

So do you think that EA and Battlefield 4 are in trouble or it’s just a show to make fans believe about their sincerity?

Source: BusinessWire