Infinity Blade 3 ClashMob Event Tags Keanu Reeves Flick to the Game

Those of you who keep a hang of whatever is going down in Hollywood would know 47 Ronin is Keanu Reaves’ latest martial arts flick.

If among those are some who keep themselves involved in the mobile game Infinity Blade 3; you’d love to know that the movie and the game are coming together in a Special Infinity Blade 3 ClashMob Event.

Thanks to Universal Pictures and ChAIR Entertainment’s special promotion, Infinity Blade 3 players will be able to team up and take part in challenges that come bearing exclusive rewards this December 13. Watch out though, as the date is Friday the 13th.

Those who hook up to the event and manage to complete the game challenges will be awarded with the Brute’s Sword. The item will remain in your weapons list for you to use in Infinity Blade 3 after the challenge ends.

Talking of the challenges, you will have to go up against Samurai Brute himself – the main antagonist in the film that features Keanu Reeves. Now either you go at par with The Matrix’s Neo or you’re certainly in for trouble, Brute is one tough nut.

Did this catch your interest? If so, go to the iTunes Store right away and download the game (it costs $6.99) or if you already have it just make sure it has the latest update i.e. IB3: Soul Hunter and you’ll land directly into the competition when the day comes.

Good luck folks!