GTA Online Glitch Gives Access to North Yankton

A GTA Online glitch has been reported that allows players to return to North Yankton, the area where players start in the prologue of GTA V’s main campaign.

With the latest patch installed, the North Yankton area is just floating around in the skies of Los Santos. To gain access a player needs to start an invite-only game in the multiplayer mode.

Following this another player then needs to repeat the prologue from the single-player until when the police first arrive.

When the garage doors open, take a left past the Bobcat van and pause the game. After that he just needs to accept the game invite and then find a helicopter after spawning in the online mode. Head to the bottom right of the map and you’ll spot the area floating in the air.

The whole process has been carefully described in a video guide published by CVG. You can check that out here.

Grand Theft Auto V was just awarded with the Game of the Year title in the recent VGX awards (previously known as Spike’s Video Game Awards).

The game did remarkably well, selling more than a billion in just the first three days. The online mode though had its share of problems at launch, which Rockstar have been working tediously to iron out.