Double Fine Announces Hack n Slash – A Puzzle Based Adventure

Double Fine made one of the most obscured game announcements in their years in the game industry. An image was uploaded to a teaser site and comes bearing a message for all the gamers; a new puzzle game named Hack n Slash.

The image itself is nearly 12MB in size and when you download it and un-RAR it you will find out that it contains an audio file of the game’s theme, a short video made up of glyphs that relate to the secret message of the main JPEG file you downloaded as well as a text message from one Acting Regent Wizard.

This is the message from double fine that comes entrenched in the file:

“You may have figured out that this JPEG is more than just an image. It is not an ARG. It is not a transmedia narrative. It’s just a puzzle we’ve built for you that will give you some more Hack ‘n’ Slash tidbits as you peel back its layers. If you’re into that kind of thing, we hope you enjoy it!”

Hack n Slash is basically about an elf who cheats her way through the classic acton adventure game using her computer hacking skills.

According to Double Fine, the game will even let non programmer players to feel the same sense of mystery and discovery that a programmer would using the game’s unique hacking mechanics.

The game was originally seen during Amnesia Fortnight 2012, has been funded by numerous entities including Humble Bundle and is expected to set out to Mac, Linux and Windows in 2014.