Crazy about LoL? Get Astro A30 Headset with League of Legends Branding

The San Francisco based accessories manufacturer Astro is looking to cash in on the hugely popular MOBA game League of Legends. The company has announced a special edition of their A30 Headsets complete with two sets of ASTRO Speaker Tags featuring League of Legends and Riot Games art.

Now I do not doubt the fan following of League of Legends, neither do I doubt the game for not deserving it, but spending hundred bucks on a headset just because it has the game’s branding on it? I don’t see that going very well for Astro.

They have tried to pull in some value for the price they are charging though; you also get a redemption code for Tristana and her Rocket Girl skin. The website also states that more tags will be added to the pack soon – these would include Tryndamere, Miss Fortune, and Morgana.

I don’t know why but they are also boasting of a limited edition box. I mean who care if the box of their headphones is limited edition unless they want to keep the headphones packed and stacked in the cupboard.

Nevertheless, if you are that much of a League of Legends fan, there is one plus point for you: the company boasts of letting you hear your foes scream at you pretty clearly – if you would spend $99.99 on them.