Concept Art Gallery Reveals Unannounced IP From Double Helix Games

New images have shown up in a gallery from concept artist James Paick, revealing an unannounced intellectual property (IP) from Double Helix Games. This company is now mostly known for its recent involvement in the Xbox One Killer Instinct game.

Previous work from this development studio includes the Strider reboot from Capcom, but also some lesser projects. In the past, the company has been responsible for a string of poorly received licensed titles.

These things include the G.I. Joe movie game, one for that weird Ryan Reynolds film about Green Lantern and the on-screen adaptation of Battleship, which is a board game. It’s a game about a movie about a different type of game.

In the concept art images, we see a highly futuristic setting for the new IP. A metropolis shines its neon lights across an otherwise dark landscape.

Inside shots reveal tons of pillar constructions, bearing overhead roadways. A train runs underneath it.

Other concepts reveal a military power with metallic coverings. Foot soldiers have their helmet obscure their face with plating.

In another scene, flying drones can be seen hovering very low into the populace. Panicked citizens scatter, detailing a possible oppressing measure form authority figures.

Artist James Paick has worked on a ton of prime franchises. His list details work on series like Uncharted, Far Cry, inFamous and The Last of Us. There’s even a tag for the highly cryptic Guild Wars 3 sequel.