Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Day Brings Double XP, Gear Up

Kudos to the Call of Duty Ghosts fans! The Extinction day will not only bring forth additional information on the upcoming features of the game but double XP too!

Extinction Day, an event being organized by Infinity Ward will be on Friday, December 13 (couldn’t they find a better day?) and come bearing double XP that will last through the weekend. This is in addition to live streams on the studio’s official Twitch channel as well as other channels.

The double XP though will only be available in the Extinction Mode of the game istead of the traditional practice that double the XP for the whole game. it seems legit as this specific mode has been a little overshadowed by the rest of the content that the game has. So, haven’t had the best of times in Call of Duty Ghosts recently? Fill up on that XP bar as much as you can!

Not that you wont be content with the double XP itself, but you could also spend some time learning about what the game is going to offer:

“Extinction Day will feature an exclusive IGN Live broadcast from Infinity Ward, including behind-the-scenes Q&As with the developers and an official first look at new features coming soon to Extinction.”

Check out the game’s official website for more on Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Day.