Square Enix’s Bloodmasque is Free this Week, Thanks to 500K Downloads

Since it was released back in July this year, Bloodmasque has been getting quite a healthy audience – another proof why vampire based games cannot be ruled out straight away.

Nevertheless, the game reached 500,000 downloads today and Square Enix wants to return the favor by making the game go free for a whole week.

Boodmasque is an action role playing game set in an alternative version of the 19th century. The game revolves around vampires and you live the life of a vampire hunter.

Bloodmasque is originally priced at a hefty $6.99; this is something for a mobile game. so we would suggest you get it whether you are into mobile gaming or not. If you like it, you ‘ll be glad you took our advice and if not, you’d have had a an experience as to what is considered good among mobile games.

Whatever you do, do it soon as Bloodmasque will be available to download for free until December 16. Here’s where you want to go for the download.

Other than this, the developer is celebrating Christmas with offers too. A special holiday edition of the Hunter’s Gaunlet will be released and seasonal hunts will be held until the Christmas day. You go out to kill either Rudolf the Red or Holly Mistletoe – or both if you are that good. Those who succeed in the tasks will get special gear for their hunter.

Looks pretty slick, no?