RUMOR: Next Call of Duty Ghosts DLC to Come out on December 12

Call of Duty Dog might have got a new fur texture but that is not all the love that he deserves. How about a Call of Duty Ghosts DLC dedicated to him?

Well, it has not been confirmed by Activision or Infinity Ward yet but a guy who allegedly works at a retailer says that Call of Duty: Ghosts “The Wolf” Guard Dog Killstreak Skin DLC will be making its way to us in the matter of days.

A Reddit user, presumably an employee of a game retailer has uploaded pictures he took from the cover of “The Wolf” Guard Dog Killstreak Skin. Alleging that this is a small size skin DLC that will be out on December 12.

As far as the pricing of the alleged Call of Duty Ghosts DLC is concerned, the same guy mentioned $3 in comments he made on the same post, referring to how much it costs around where he is:

“It’s $3 where I am,” he said. “That’s to cover the tax they charge now on the Xbox Marketplace since converting to real money.”

More importantly, he talked about the release date giving reference to how they have received the shipment just now” “Just letting everyone know that the Wolf skin won’t be out until December 12th! We pulled the case off the shelf for now, but it’ll definitely be available on the 12th, at least for the 360 (and probably XB1)!”

Well, I wouldn’t mind a skin dedicated to the guard dog, but what of dedicating a whole Call of Duty Ghosts DLC to it – what do you think?