Pure Pool Exclusively Announced for PlayStation 4

Don’t have enough space in your home to bring in a pool table? Well, there’s always enough space for a sleek PlayStation 4. If you are a pool fan, you’d love to know that Pure Pool – a game of a whole new dimension – has been announced today.

Shun Read, the creative producer at Voofoo Studios made a post on PlayStation Blog announcing the game. Voofoo Studios, the developer behind Hustle Kings and Pure Chess, will be developing the game on request from publisher Ripstone.

This will be the second of their “Pure” titles to be released to PlayStation Network, we expect there are more to come.

Apparently Pure Pool is going to be a PlayStation exclusive title and according to Read, “will bring a living, breathing, connected Pool Hall to your living room.” He boasts on:

“Using the immense power of PS4, we’re working on graphical techniques that will blur your perception of what’s real and what’s a game. Sound over the top? Wait until you see this thing in action!”

The post came with teaser trailer that all the stick and balls games lovers would want to watch. Of course, it is just a teaser and we have no verdict on what exactly the complete game will be, but it still gives an impression of class – if considered to be just a teaser.

I will be looking forward to Pure Pool given that they promise to add a bit of realistic human expressions to that girl in the trailer.

What about you?