PS4 Streamed Over 20 Million Minutes Of Gameplay Since Launch

Sony seems pleased with its sharing functionality on the Playstation 4, as they’re reporting that it has received more than 20 million minutes of gameplay streams since its launch. You have to admit that it sounds like it’s a lot.

In total, almost 800,000 gameplay sessions were broadcasted, with approximately 7.1 million viewers tuning in across both the Twitch and Ustream channels. The latter company has additionally revealed that average time on streams would last 31 minutes. 

In turn, Twitch announced that 10% of its viewership is attributed to PS4 gameplay, since November 15.

Within the Playstation ecosystem, the Share Menu has been accessed 10.9 million times since its release. Whenever players feel like distribute something, they can tap the Share button present on the new Dualshock 4 controller’s left-hand side. This was a major point of interest for Sony when they announced the Playstation 4.

Still, this blastoff is just the beginning for the newly released console. For instance, it could improve on its sharing functionality, when it comes to sending footage out to others.

With the Playstation 4, uploading footage to social networks restricts its use to Facebook, as the machine is directly linked with the platform. Naturally, you can download and upload it again from there, but that affects quality.

Competitor Xbox One simply stores the video on Microsoft’s SkyDrive, where gamers can access their clip, to share wherever they want, such as popular sites like YouTube. Here, quality is less affected and that, with the fixation on resolution in this eighth generation, is definitely a plus for the Xbox One.