Latest 3DS Update 7.0 Removes System Transfer Limit

A new software updated was released by Nintendo earlier today for the 3DS. The 3DS Update 7.0 update features Miiverse support along with several other features. However the main highlight is the removal of the system transfers limit that previously restricted 3DS owners to just five transfers.

That’s terrific news for current and future 3DS owners who can now transfer their system date as many times as they’d like. Previously the restriction caused many consumers to refrain from purchasing new 3DS models because of the thought of losing one of their precious transfers.

That’s not the case anymore and with the special edition 3DS XL versions hitting the market, I’m sure many are going to be opting for just that.

The update also changes the way users launch the 3DS Camera app. Now instead of pressing either L or R from the home screen, you can just press L and R simultaneously to launch the app.

The system update allows users to link a Nintendo Network ID they’ve already established on Wii U, or create a new Nintendo Network ID. This functionality allows players with Wii U and 3DS to share a common wallet across the eShop on both systems.