Everquest Next Landmark Feature Video Talks About Real Money Trading Element

There’s a new trailer out for Sony Online Entertainment’s latest venture, Everquest Next Landmark. This massively multiplayer online (MMO) game is set to break ground once more, after its predecessor Everquest did the same for its era.

Many details are discussed in the clip, with a high emphasis on what you’ll be able to build and such. In simple form, Landmark allows players to explore its vast locations, find monsters to beat, turn resources into crafting items and it has an engine to build pretty much anything from scratch.

Accessibility is a big turning point in this game, which starts off by showing the editor with the erection of a simple house, then a tower and that in mere minutes. Then again, these are trained developers doing the plotting; it’s doubtful that users will instinctively know how to section architecture.

Still, there is a very interesting facilitator that should help speed up creation processing, with the use of a copy and paste effect applied to textures. It’s possible to select any desired part and then reuse it immediately.

Furthermore, a quick molding tool should allow for smooth detailing without any hassle, fusing together assembled parts.

Freedom is a second selling point for the game, which lets users build in any direction they want, with any shape. Beams are seen as constructed in different angles and with differing widths.

Even tools for changing the terrain completely are available to players, dropping down trees in an instance and shaping the landscape to whim.

Landmark boasts a supposedly endless amount of content through user generation. Furthermore, there would be multiple layers of floors, with subterranean areas as well.

When adventuring, players will collect badges and achievements for their prowess and they’ll be able to trade goods for either in-game currency or real cash. Crafting items can be sold for actual money in the game.

Finally, Landmark will employ all the designs that its successor, Everquest Next, will use as well. This means that content creators will have access to artificial intelligence tools, story lines and competitive mechanisms, to mold as they see fit.