APB Retribution Releases this Month for iOS, A Top Down Tactical Shooter

You guys have heard of or maybe even played APB Reloaded right? Well, APB Retribution is a spinoff of that. For those who have played the previous game, take this as a treat and those who haven’t might want to try it out when it releases to iOS later this month.

APB Retribution is a top down tactical shooter that brings to life the same universe that was played in the popular MMO APB Reloaded. Which means you will be walking San Paro’s dark corners again.

Now although it is a tactical shooter, we suggest that you keep that trigger finger really agile when you play the game as it focuses a lot on the carnage features too. You will also have to make spilt second decisions every now and then upon which your survival will depend, so there is that.

Tactics will be used in detection mainly, the dark lit environment will come to play and let you jump your opponents when they are slacking.

As far as the story is concerned, you are in for blood vengeance on Old Harry who had left you for dead in a gang-war-like killing. You hunt down the guy – he is the leader of the Horca game – and kill him.

If you are confused whether you should spend your time or dime over it, check out the trailer above and let us know what you decide upon.

APB Retribution releases to iOS around the end of this month, check out their website for more.