Xbox One Modded To Support Mouse, Keyboard, Dualshock 4 and Xbox 360 Controller

Who would have thought it would take modders only a couple of weeks to mod Xbox One to support not only Mouse and Keyboard but Dualshock 4 and your old heavily modded Xbox 360 controllers? Well, it no longer matters because that’s a reality now.

According to the post, you will have full access to all the modpacks to allow you to play with your modded controller on your Xbox One.

You can use Wiimote, Wii U Pro controller and even PS3 joystick if you want. CronusMax also adds full scripting and macro capabilities allowing you to use rapidfire.

Team Xecutor has pulled off this feat with the help of CronusMAX team. Team Xecutor has always been in the thick of things when it comes to Xbox modding scene having helped design the mod chip for Xbox console to allow homebrew and legal backup of discs, which opened the doors to piracy at the same time.

Source: Team Xecuter