Thief Companion App Announced for This Month – Stats, Maps And More

Square Enix announced an upcoming application for their Thief reboot, which will be available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. This will allow gamers to connect to get additional information on the game, along with some other things.

There will be two versions of the app available, which will be released for download later this month. A free version allows access to the latest news about Thief, as well as recent trailers, screenshots and exclusive artwork. Furthermore, you’ll be able to check your phone for an in-depth listing of the characters of the game, which should help you get more information about the story.

For $2.99, you’ll receive full admittance to the app, which yields a few important additions. For instance, you’ll be able to link your game to your phone, to look up in-game statistics of your progress. This also tracks what loot you’ve boosted.

Further help is unlocked with an official wiki page for the game, which sees a partnership with IGN for its creation. Strategy guide experts Prima will take charge of a set of interactive digital maps on the app.

Dark Horse Comics will release issues 1 and 2 of the official Thief digital comic on this paid version as well. They’ve previously announced comic features for franchises such as Mass Effect.

There will be even more exclusive art on the paid version, as well as access to official Thief merchandise.

In conjuncture with this announcement, Square Enix announced a deal with retailer Gamestop to extend their preorder incentives to append it with the full version of the companion app. Other bonuses include the game soundtrack and an exclusive Bank Heist mission.

So, are you going for the free version or the premium version of Thief Companion App?