New Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trailer Hits Hard, Are You Ready for the Adventure?

CD Projekt RED premiered yet another trailer for Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and just as expected, it doesn’t disappoint. We see the enemies of our protagonist Geralt of Rivia flocking up for the final showdown of his story.

“No man who meets The Hunt returns to this world” taunts the voice in the background as we witness what could be one of the promising action RPGs that the next generation is bound to get. Yet, in comes Geralt with two words “I returned”.

Moreover, the trailer boasts of a much larger world that will capitalize highly on its multi region open world features and dynamic, tactical combat. From the looks of their new trailer it seems like there is going to be much more to do than to worry about the mystical space ship that terrorizes our world.

As far as I can see it, New Witcher 3 Wild Hunt trailer clears any doubt that someone might have had about the worth of the game – CD Projekt RED is certainly not just trying to cash in on the success of The Witcher 2.

PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will get The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in late 2014.