First Quantum Break Gameplay Trailer Revealed

I would have been disappointed if the event didn’t bring anything new about Remedy’s awesomeness in the form of Quantum Break, the time travel featuring third person shooter – but that wasn’t possible. The Quantum Break Gameplay was debuted through a trailer just as we wanted.

Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake introduced the game’s live action show cum cinematic action game aspects in great detail. When time is broken in an accident that went wrong certain fellows (our game’s good guys and bad guys) get the power to skip time forward and backward.

The gameplay features action combat sequences amidst time stutters which according to the developer have only been done in Quantum Break. You get to create a whole fight in between split second moments of death and destruction. The players will have to master a number of time based powers in order to defeat Monarch a corporation with only the evilest of plans.

Development of Quantum Break seems to be in full flow at the moment but Remedy is not yet ready to pin it to a date on the calendar for release.

Although the trailer doesn’t give away much, what do you think about the Quantum Break Gameplay?