Snowdrop Engine Shown In Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer

Ubisoft has a brand new trailer out for its upcoming release of Tom Clancy’s The Division. This open world shooter experience will employ a particular Snowdrop engine for that next-gen atmosphere we all enjoy. We’ll ignore that the eight generation of consoles is now current.

A lot of the effects will be applied to processing a huge amount of detail into the game. We’ll get to see the showcase in the post-apocalyptic version of modern New York City.

First off, all immersive effects will occur within a day and night cycle. That should make the difference between how details react to other sources of lights.

Speaking of which, the engine makes use of volumetric lighting, which has the ability to simulate passing beams in a 3D environment. This includes rays shining through cracks and such.

With dynamic global illumination, sources will be followed up wherever they are cast. This is shown with a detached rig, spinning around while it’s still operational, bouncing off its glow in constantly moving directions.

Lighting will be supported by a cleverly designed destruction system, which works with procedural generation to ensure a realistic atmosphere. We can see bullet holes protruding light in a billboard or more active destruction with gradually breaking down a vehicle.

It’s unsure on what scale this destruction works, but it being randomly generated could lead to some exciting moments.

Finally, particle shaders will let small parts react dynamically to their environment, which is mostly important for the everlasting snowfall in the game. Flakes can also change color and texture, depending on what they’re cast on, through the use of material shaders. Watch The Division Trailer above and share your thoughts with us.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is bound for Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and PC.