Skullgirls Pulled from PSN and XBLA by Konami – Autumn Games Plans to Submit New Build by Christmas

Skullgirls, released last year on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, is to be soon pulled from the respective platforms and be rebuilt for a release before Christmas this year.

The news was revealed during a Twitch stream where design director for the game, Mike Zaimont, said that Konami’s request for a removal of the game from the PSN and Xbox Live has been approved by the respective companies. Autumn Games now plan to work on the game and submit a new build that hopefully will pass certification by Sony and Microsoft before the holidays.

Once the game goes under, online play will be disabled for everyone but those wishing to play offline can do so unaffected.

It’s unknown as to why Konami pulled the game away and what they plan on doing to it. Surely less than two weeks is too short of a time for a developer to be tinkering around with a game. Various sources are pointing towards tensions that were mounting between the publisher Konami and developer Autumn Games after both companies “terminated their business relationship” last month.

Christmas isn’t that far off so you can bet that a statement will be released soon enough informing us as to what brought about the delisting of Skullgirls.