NBA 2K14: Always Online DRM Implemented In Latest Update, Fans Furious About It

Microsoft may have gone against their initial “always online” DRM policies surrounding Xbox One but that doesn’t mean publishers are required to do that so as well.

The latest patch for NBA 2K14 on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has induced the requirement for a user to be always connected to the internet. Thus disabling any way to play the game offline, which in turn was also advertised to be so in the first place.

A NeoGAF user reports that the game doesn’t boot up without a connection to the web and in case your connection drops during playing, the game instantly shuts down and the player is ported to the main menu.

The issue seems to be surrounding the game’s ‘Virtual Currency’. You can play a single-player match offline but if you opt for any mode that uses the game’s virtual currency, it asks to be connected to the internet. Being offline means that you’re locked out of modes such as MyCareer and MyGM, at least until to re-connect to the 2K servers.

NBA 2K14 was an impressive release by 2K Games. The graphical and gameplay improvements pretty much brought the basketball games niche to a new level. However, this recent update takes a massive step backwards.

Players are angry over the publisher not announcing their DRM policies on release. Even the game’s manual has no mention of any sort of online restrictions. While players believe they got reeled in by 2K Games, there is also the possibility that this is a glitch in the game and will be fixed in an upcoming update.

There has been no statement released by the developer or publisher as of yet.