GOG.com Offers Full Refunds on Games You Can’t Play

Digital games distributor GOG.com has announced a new policy that will offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee worldwide on its entire catalog of PC and Mac games.

The policy, which goes lives today, will see to it that any game purchased by a user that fails to run even after assistance from the GOG support team, can be refunded for the full amount within 30 days of its purchase. Accidental purchases by users can also be refunded within the first two weeks of purchase, but only if the game has not been downloaded.

GOG.com’s new policy is actually a declaration of trust in both its games and its gamers,” the company stated. “GOG.com trusts the games that it sells: they do their very best to only select high-quality games and, whenever possible, tests them extensively to make sure that they’re in top working order.

“There’s also some trust in their users involved, since the very nature of DRM-free gaming means that they can’t ‘de-activate’ any games that the user reports as broken.”

In August digital games platform Origin also announced a similar policy that stated that if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund on it within the first month of purchase.

Source: GOG