Former Tomb Raider Creative Director Tim Longo is Now in 343 Industries

Former creative director of Tomb Raider, Tim Longo, has joined developer 343 Industries. He was with Crystal Dynamics for two years to oversee the Lara Croft reboot in its concept and preproduction phases, after which he spent a year as the game’s franchise director.

Upon leaving the Square Enix owned Tomb Raider stable, Longo moved on to LucasArts to work on a first-person shooter based on the Star Wars universe. Sadly, this game was never officially announced.

He was forced to move away from the project when Disney shuttered LucasArts earlier this year. Games like Star Wars 1313 were put away, so it’s unlikely we’ll see the reemergence of this unannounced title soon.

In the past, he had worked with LucasArts on a ton of projects, joining the studio first time from 1997 to 2005. There, he helped design games like Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars: Republic Commando (RC).

Longo’s LinkedIn page notes that he started working with 343 Industries shortly after his departure in April 2013. His title states that he is a creative director for Halo, which has announced a game to release on Xbox One.

In a prior tweet, Longo mentioned:

We loved and respected Halo while making RC. Happy to be at #343Industries for sure.