Dota 2 EMS One Fall is won by Vici Gaming

The world of Dota 2 just keeps on getting more and more interesting and unpredictable. After the new titans Speed Gaming took the crown at Major League Gaming Colombus, the Raidcall Dota 2 EMS One Fall in Tychy, Poland gave birth to a new champion team coming from China (who also won the online tournament Sina Cup 2 just a week ago), Vici Gaming.

The tournament featured some of the world’s top teams, such as fan favorites Na’Vi, who won the Dreamleague in Sweden just a week ago, TI3 champions [A]lliance and team Fnatic. The winner of the Chinese qualifier for this tournament was DK, but they were replaced by VG.

The Korean sensations Startale also made an appearance, as well as the European team who has been getting good results, Sigma.Int. The other two slots were filled by aAa and ONE.

The group stages were in a best of one double elimination format, which had no surprises and had the four strongest teams qualifying for the Knockout Stage. It saw Vici gaming topping the group A, followed by Na’Vi and group B having Fnatic in the first place, followed by Alliance.

In group B, honorable mention to the newly formed Korean Startale for managing to stomp team ONE, which definitely shows these guys’ potential.

The knockout stage was played in a best of 3 single elimination format in which most people predicted that the Grand Finals would be Alliance versus Na’Vi, but instead, Fnatic managed to beat Na’Vi 2-1 while Vici overcame Alliance also 2-1.

Both winning teams then went on to play the Grand Finals, which you can (and should!) watch here, with English commentary by Tobiwan and player cameras inside their booths, you can see VG’s rOtk and Fnatic’s n0tail raging and shouting their hearts out!

The Grand Finals was a best of 5 series with both Fnatic and VG employing a lot of different strategies, but ultimately VG took the win 3-1. Game 1 was mainly decided by a crazy performance on the Enchantress by n0tail as well as Fly on the Visage, giving Fnatic the win.

Game 2 is an absolute must watch where Fnatic was ahead until about the 35minute mark and VG managed to achieve a spectacular comeback through the back of Super’s Dragon Knight. In game 3, Vici dominated Fnatic with a very impressive performance by Super on his Storm Spirit.

Game 4 showed really impressive individual and team plays from the Chinese squad, which ultimately brought them the title of champions!

Vici Gaming is a fully Chinese squad composed by:

  • Lu “Fenrir” Chao (captain, member of VG since before the TI3 qualifiers)
  • Bai “rOtk” Fan (former DK player)
  • Jun Hao “Super!” Xie (former DK player)
  • Jia Jun “Sylar” Liu (former LGD player)
  • Lin Sen “Fy” Xu (old member of VG like Fenrir)

1st placed VG takes home $12.000 USD, Fnatic wins $7.000 and both Alliance and Na’Vi win $4.000.

VG currently finished ACE Dota 2 League’s Round Robin in 3rd place, so definitely don’t miss watching them in the Knockout Stages of this great tournament. They will face LGD International in the first round in a best of 5 brawl on the 22nd of December at 12:00 CET.

Be sure to head over to the BeyondTheSummit TwitchTV Channel to catch their next big adventure!